Meet Alberts

I am running for sheriff because I cannot sit idly by as my communities become engulfed by mass violence and crime. There is so much more that law enforcement can, and must do to restore justice and a sense of safety for our citizens. I will put all of my efforts into achieving this goal while working with the citizens of Multnomah County.

Growing up in Portland I have gotten to see the steady decline of such a beautiful city at the hands of political battles. These leaders have become more enthralled with what is good for themselves and their specific political leaning, instead of what can truly help the community. By allowing our City to get to this point we have failed in general, but we have especially failed those who are the most vulnerable. Our elderly, disabled, and our children who may not have the means to protect themselves, are in an environment filled with brazen individuals looking to prey on them. I truly want to see a community that is safe for all individuals and one that we can be proud of, and ultimately, I think I can make that change.

I have rejected political contributions and funded this campaign independently, because I am not and will not be bound to any special interests. The citizens of Multnomah County are the only ones I am beholden too.

Change will only happen if our law enforcement leaders decide to put the citizens first, above their own interests. There has been a deliberate indifference by our leaders to provide the best protection and justice for those they swore to serve. We must return to holding those who commit crime accountable. The amount of crimes that do not qualify for housing in our County Jails is reprehensible. Without consequences we have allowed our county to fall victim to a crime wave that has gotten out of control. Action needs to be taken to quell the chaos.