Fresh Face for
Multnomah County

Join Team Alberts

I grew up in North Portland and have attended school in this city from Kindergarten up to college at Portland State University. This community has meant a lot to me, so naturally when looking for a job in public service I chose to serve in Multnomah County. I have had the tremendous opportunity to be a deputy for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office for the last 4 years.

We must return to enforcing the laws on the books. Since the pandemic, Our jails have sat between 60 and 70 percent capacity, while crime is at all time highs and blood is staining our streets. Our county and her people deserve to be afforded the opportunity to live their lives without fear of violence and criminal acts being committed against them

Getting the opportunity to work with other rank and file personnel during the pandemic and years of record breaking homicides has granted me a unique perspective to the challenges facing this office today. A perspective that I believe will be paramount in making true change, as there is a huge advantage to seeing current issues from the frontline.


Work with the District Attorney, the courts, and our city police agencies to
develop a plan to attack the crime wave that has been plaguing our communities.

Have a law enforcement leadership team that puts the well being of our citizens above all else.


Protecting the most vulnerable populations from the small percentage of our communities that wish to take advantage of them.


Working with our businesses to combat the mass theft and destruction that is forcing them to flee our County.